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Connect. Transfer. Transform.


TransFactor provides you with the easiest way to exchange electronic documents. We optimise business processes by providing a secure, low cost platform for electronic document and data delivery between business partners.


You can connect with your business partners at a company level and share your document blueprints so you can send and receive informations and documents in a simple and easy way.



Our framework allows you to send and receive electronic documents using our cloud based server. You won’t need to build your own webservices anymore.


Documents can be represented in many types of formats. You would like to send a JSON document while your partner might need to receive an XML document. We have that covered, automagically converting between formats using easy to define rules.

What is TransFactor?

TransFactor is our vision of a world without papers and without hard to implement custom services. We strive to offer a centralised, reusable solution for companies to be able to send and receive electronic documents. Our product allows easy definition of validation rules and a single point of integration usable for an unlimited number of different documents. And best of all, while we’re in beta, TransFactor is free for all to use.

TransFactor is:

Cloud based

You don’t need expensive custom software anymore to send and receive documents. We are using Microsoft Azure and all the latest Microsoft technologies to provide you with a safe and secure experience.

Easy to use

You won’t need to learn complicated concepts like XSD if you don’t want to. Our Schema Builder will help you do that in an instance.

Integrate once use forever

If you want to automatise the process of sending and receiving electronic documents, you have to integrate your software with our cloud services. Once. Then you can use that integration for any document.


We have already implemented various document formats: JSON, XML, CSV, TXT, XLS and are working to integrate even more. And if you don’t want to use a certain restricted format you can always use a blackbox blueprint and send any type of document.